Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Okay, okay, okay...

... here I am again.

But I just found a piece of my personal history online:

Topics to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner

I found this article two or three years ago before Thanksgiving with my family.  The entire thing struck me as utterly ridiculous.  Who needs to be told this?  Having some fall-back conversation starters is always a good idea, but really?  Really?

But the whole thing goes over the top again with the last line.

After expounding upon topics not to discuss with your family at Thanksgiving dinner (health issues, your sex life), the article launches into a list of topics that are good to discuss with your family at Thanksgiving dinner:

  • Sports
  • The weather
  • Apolitical movies/TV shows
  • And when all else fails: puppies!

And that was when I lost it, where "it" is both my non-giggling state and any sense I had that this was a serious journalistic endeavour.

But hey, laughing at the article provided great conversation fodder for my family that Thanksgiving, and now when silence falls around the table, one of us inevitably quips, "So how 'bout them puppies?"

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