Thursday, August 5, 2010



I'm musing on becoming Catholic.


Hello.  I'm Sarah.  I am a college senior from Texas.  I have spent the last three years studying mathematics and preparing to attend medical school in Fall 2011.  My college days have all been very interesting, but the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my faith's movement towards orthodoxy.

You see, I was raised in the Church of Christ. The Church of Christ believes most fundamentally that the Bible (Genesis through Revelation, 66 books) is the literal, inspired Word of God and the complete and only foundation of all Christian faith and truth.

It has no central leadership.  Each local church is led by elders, older men selected to guide the local gathering. It has no catechism and no formal creed or statement of belief.  No belief that contradicts the Bible is considered valid, no matter who espouses it or the reasoning behind the belief.  Wikipedia's article about the Churches of Christ summarizes this belief system quite well.

My upbringing in the Churches of Christ was exemplary.  I have read the entire Bible, parts of it dozens of times. Religion was discussed frequently in my family, with a strong emphasis on using the Bible and one's reasoning to discover the one, objective truth. I have nothing but admiration for the sincerity and earnestness with which members of the Churches of Christ seek the truth as they see it.

So why am I here, musing about Catholicism?  Why have I found myself unable in good conscience to take communion? Why do I repeatedly find myself kneeling in the Catholic church in town, praying desperately?

I guess we'll find out.